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Miranda Selman (0408 601 273)
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My name is Miranda Selman;

I am a mother of three young children. I have a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies and have been teaching for the past eighteen years. During this time I have also worked as an art specialist and was also coordinator of a Government funded community intervention program called the Parent School Partnership Initiative. My years teaching young children have been wonderfully rewarding, I have a well developed knowledge in the Early Childhood area with a vast amount of experience teaching children from many different backgrounds. I am looking forward to meeting new and old families next year and to provide you with a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your children.


Tiddlywinks is a pre-kindy program for children who are 2.5 - 4 years of age. All sessions are run by qualified early childhood teachers.

Tiddlywinks is fully licensed through the Department for Community Development (Dept Telephone No: 08 6210 3333) which means there are strict guidelines which must be followed in the areas of safety, hygiene and care of your child. Random checks are performed by the Department throughout the year to ensure these standards are adhered to.


At Tiddlywinks we are committed to ensuring that the best interests and needs of the children in our care will always be a priority. We as Directors and all of our qualified staff are passionate about the critical importance of the early childhood years and the benefit education brings to a child's long- term future and life- long learning and development.

The specific aims of Tiddlywinks include the following:

Guiding Principles of Tiddlywinks:

  1. At Tiddlywinks; we are advocates of child- centered teaching strategies and will always endeavor to find out what children know already and what their interests are and always work to build upon their knowledge and interests in order to intrinsically motivate the children to want to learn.
  2. At Tiddlywinks we believe play to be an essential and critical component of any early childhood curriculum and highly value the role that play has in children's development, learning and social interactions. "If a child can not learn… then maybe we should teach the way they learn" - Ignacio Estrada PLAY PLAY PLAY!!
  3. We believe that each child is unique and we respect and value that each child brings with them their own unique qualities, abilities and characteristics. We see our role as educators is to enable children to value their differences and similarities and use these to their utmost potential. Our role as educators at Tiddlywinks is to value, nurture and cater for every child and the individual differences, strengths, weaknesses and qualities that they bring into their classroom.
  4. We strongly value the importance parents play in their child’s education and we are committed to building strong relationships and partnerships with parents in working along side each other in the best interests of their child. We aim to have an open and honest relationship with all parents and will always be available to discuss any issues with parents concerning their child’s progress, learning and development.
  5. We at Tiddlywinks believe that we are positive, professional, committed and cooperative members of a team environment and we are committed to ensuring that we develop strong relationships with other professionals and expertise in order to share and collaborate on ideas, resources, programs and strategies.
  6. We believe that without positive and effective classroom management, there is limited opportunity for positive and effective learning and development in children. Strategies such as low- key responses are useful when managing a child’s behaviour as they aim to draw little attention to the child and address the behaviour and not the child.
  7. Assessment will always be a priority as it will inform our planning and teaching direction and a child’s progress, development and individual needs. This will be carried out through a variety of ways such as observations, checklists, work samples, discussions with children and also with their parents and through the use of portfolios.


We are completely flexible with how many days your children do. It is whatever suits your child at the time of enrolment. Days can be increased during the year.

Morning Sessions for all days run from 9am-12:30noon

Afternoon Sessions run from 11:00am-2.30pm

Double Sessions for all days will run from 9am-2.30pm

* Please note that due to huge Government charges and Insurance costs fees have unfortunately had to be put up I have tried to keep it minimal . I have also increased the day for the children by half an hour to try to compensate so the sessions are now three and a half hours rather than three. Fee changes will begin as of the start of term 3 2017 for all new. As of next year the rebate will come into affect in July. Thanks for your understanding.

At the commencement of each session can you please fill out the attendance book, place your child's snack and hat in the baskets provided and place your child's bag on a hook.

Doors will open at the end of each session. Please sign them out and collect their bag.

Please be punctual when dropping off and picking up your child. If delays are unavoidable can you please advise us. Children will only be able to be picked up by people authorised to collect them.


Please provide your child with a healthy snack (eg piece of fruit, piece of cheese, rice crackers, simple sandwich, dried fruit, fruit bread etc – please no lollies, cakes, biscuits etc). This year the children will have their own snack rather than shared fruit. This is due to the number of children that we are getting each year with allergies it will also get them in the routine for kindy.


For those attending double sessions we ask that you also provide your child with a packed lunch.

There is also the option of an extra ½ hour per session to feed your child their lunch. If you require this we ask that as well as their morning tea you also provide them with a packed lunch that will be fed to them prior to you picking them up at 12.30pm. This costs an additional $5.00 per session and can be done a "needs be" basis. The extra $5.00 can be paid on the day and is optional.


To each session can you please bring a hat and a change of clothes (all clearly labeled). We also ask that in the summer months you please apply sunscreen to your child before each session.


Children are most welcome to bring party food and/or a cake to celebrate their birthday. Please feel free to join in your child's birthday celebration if you wish.

If you feel that you have a special talent or knowledge that will be of enjoyment or benefit to the children, please let us know.


If you are concerned about your child in any way or feel you would like to discuss your child's progress please feel free to contact us at any time.

We will develop acceptable rules and limits that the children will learn and endeavour to abide by. If unacceptable behaviour becomes apparent we will remove him/her from the situation and discuss with them what the acceptable behaviour is. If that unacceptable behaviour continues, they will be asked to sit on the thinking chair/mat. They will stay on the chair for no longer than 3 minutes and will be located where they can still see the other children.

If your child spends any time on the thinking chair we will advise you at all times at the end of the session.

Please inform us of any family situations etc, which you feel may affect your child's behaviour. Obviously this information will be kept confidential.

Some children may take time to settle into Tiddlywinks –some longer than others, especially if it their first experience away from you, in a playschool environment. Please give your child time. If we feel after a number of weeks that your child is not going to settle with us we will discuss this with you and a mutual course of action decided.

All discipline will be in accordance with Regulation 85, Community Services (Child Care) Regulations 2006.


In the event of an emergency where evacuation is required children will be led from the centre through the front door to gather on the front verge next to the footpath. Should the exit be inaccessible then they will be led out the back door to gather in an appropriate area.


Records will be kept by Tiddlywinks for the specified time in accordance with Regulations 68-75, Community Services (Child Care) Regulations 2006.


Please do not send your child to Tiddlywinks if they are unwell. Infections and illnesses spread quickly and furthermore your child will not have an enjoyable day if they are feeling unwell.

If your child becomes ill, or is involved in an accident whilst in our care, we will notify you. If no parent can be contacted your emergency contact number will be used. In the event of an emergency, medical assistance will be sought.

All children must be immunised and a copy of their current immunisation status is required at time of enrolment.

No medication can be administered without written and signed authorization from a parent.


Fees are to be paid by the term, in full, 2 weeks before the commencement of Term 1 and the final week of the previous term for Term 2, 3 & 4. The fee structure is as follows: ( Is dependant on the amount of weeks per term) The fees below are based on a 10 week school term.

Session: Fee Structure: Deposit Required
Morning session
(Mon & Fri)
$75 per session $75 per session booked
Morning sessions
(Tues, Wed & Thurs):
$75 per session $75 per session booked
Afternoon session
(Tues, Wed & Thurs):
$70 per session $70 per session booked
Double sessions
(Tues, Wed & Thurs):
$95 per session $95 per session booked

Casual days are available all term at a cost of $100 full day and $75 half a day.

* A late fee of $25 will apply.

Please note that deposits are required on enrolment of $150 and are non refundable.


Tiddlywinks does not conduct excursions at any time throughout the year.


Two weeks notice is required in writing if you wish to cease attending Tiddlywinks. Full Fees are charged until written notice has been received.


Please note that if holidays, illness or any other absentees occur during term time full fees still apply and we are unable to offer make-up sessions.